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The Gourmet Foodie

In The Foodie Gourmet, Holistic Wellness Coach Nick Kowalski takes food to the next level with nutritional supercharged recipes that are sure to blow the roof off your taste buds. As a life long foodie, Nick has finally shared his personal eating style, nutritional philosophies and secrets for amazing tasting and wholesome cooking.

Nick doesn't believe in dieting or healthy eating, he knows that real food tastes real good. There's no place for dietary dogma, calorie counting or strict, regimented eating in the kitchen. Instead, he teaches you how to cook with nutritious, wholesome ingredients and prepare food with techniques that optimize every last morsel. In doing so, you'll effortlessly upgrade your every meal and experience greater energy in body, mind and soul. You can feel good about every bite with these recipes, on every level.

The Gourmet Foodie equips you with over 100 whole-food recipes to stay optimally healthy and satisfied for life. You might also discover new foods, medicinal herbs and ways of preparing food that you've never thought of before. Once you adapt this way of eating to your own diet, you’ll feel greater freedom and an ignited sense of creativity when it comes to nutrition. This book is sure to optimize your every meal, making healthy eating delicious, fun and liberating.

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